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March 18, 2005
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She rips apart
Her tattered heart.
And throws it on the floor.

"What's the use in having it,
I don't need it anymore."

Without the love her life
By her side forever,
She feels as if she
Could never love another.

He left her standing there,
Out in the cold,
With nothing but a good-bye.
No "i love you" or explanation of why...

She loves him so, and he loves her not.
He never did at all.
He just lied to her, and when he said he would,
He never even called.

He just let her wonder,
And lead her on, hurting her more each day.
He never knew that she loved him,
In every single way.

He said he loved her,
Just as much as she had,
But everytime he lied to her, she just felt so bad.

She felt as if she wasn't good enough,
Or wasn't as pretty as the other girls.
Sometimes during arguements he just got so rough.

Even so, she loved him, and believe he loved her too,
Now that he's gone, she can't seem to get through.
She's giving up on love, and everything it brings,
All she sees is the bad and the evil things.

"These are the lies that love can make,
It hurts so much to feel my heart break."

She stomps her heart onto the floor,
And watches as it shatters.
ok, I came up with the first few lines, and then went on from there......i just kind of wrote, it has no rhythm or rhyme pattern, i like it that if it isn't good, just deal with it, cause i actually like this poem.....enjoy

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that is amzing
Love it, I can really relate! XD
i'm sorry you can relate. :hug:
Hehe makes you stronger though, right ;) xx
I can only echo; they fit so well... Like always, amazing work. Keep it up =)
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